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Germanic adj
1 of or relating to the language of Germans; "the Germanic sound shifts"
2 of or pertaining to the ancient Teutons or their languages; "Teutonic peoples such as Germans and Scandinavians and British"; "Germanic mythology" [syn: Teutonic]
3 of a more or less German nature; somewhat German; "Germanic peoples"; "his Germanic nature"; "formidable volumes Teutonic in their thoroughness" [syn: German, Teutonic] n : a branch of the Indo-European family of languages; members that are spoken currently fall into two major groups: Scandinavian and West Germanic [syn: Germanic language]

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see germanic




Proper noun

  1. The early, undocumented language from which other Germanic languages such as German, English, Dutch and Scandinavian languages developed.
  2. The group of Indo-European languages that developed from Germanic.


early language
group of Indo-European languages


  1. Having German characteristics
  2. Relating to the Germans, Scandinavians or Anglo-Saxons
  3. Relating to the language or group of languages known as Germanic


having German characteristics
relating to the Germans, Scandinavians or Anglo-Saxons
relating to the language or group of languages known as Germanic

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Germanic in German: Germanisch
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